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    Welcome to Alpha Integration Systems, Inc.

             Building Quality– Building Value– Building People

Alpha Integration Systems, Inc. provides design, redesign and fabrication services to original equipment manufacturers needing dedicated controls for the petro chemical industry, industrial/commercial machinery, as well as utilities and end users. 

Alpha has a fully qualified staff under the direction of Pat Frasier who has over 25 years of experience in the design, fabrication, integration and commissioning of industrial control systems. Our staff is capable of designing and building custom panels on a one-time basis or providing the design/redesign and modernization of manufacturers’ panel assemblies; fabricating them in volume with delivery and inventory tailored to the scheduling needs of the customer.

Alpha designs and builds with your customer and the end-user in mind. We understand start up needs and what is involved during commissioning. We incorporate details into each design and assembly, such as proper labeling, tagging, and clear and accurate documentation. We take into account the need for future service requirements, potential expansion and modification needs.

Since Alpha specializes in designing and building control panels and OEM assemblies, the company stays focused, overhead is reduced, volume is increased, and customer expectations are met and exceeded.

In brief, you are assured of the most cost-effective solution to your control needs. Of necessity, less specialized companies that design and build controls on a part-time basis pay attention to the core areas of their business such as engineering or electrical contracting. Thus, their control, design and fabrication activities often suffer the consequences of a lack of focus and attention to detail. They have a difficult time meeting delivery commitments, finding cost-effective solutions and delivering control panels and assemblies that truly meet the needs and wants of the customer.

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